Display Ideas

Where to pin these cute little SWAPS?

During the scouting event, most SWAPs are displayed by pinning to various types of clothing.

Bucket Hat with SWAPs
Bucket Hat with SWAPs

HATS – Our preferred method is to display on a hat.  Doesn’t matter what type of hat, any will do, however, bucket hats, seem to offer the most amount of space for growing SWAP collections.

SWAPs on Bandana
SWAPs on Bandana

BANDANAS – Another method is to simply use the ever classic multi-purpose bandana.  Simply pin or tie the bandana to your belt loop on your shorts or jeans and start loading those SWAPS.

LANYARDS – A lot of adults prefer the lanyard around the neck to keep their SWAPs on.

After the event, here are some options for displaying your SWAPs at home.
Teddy Bear SWAPs DisplayHATS – Keep the SWAPs on the hats and display on your favorite teddy bear!

Ribbon SWAP DisplayRIBBON HANGER – Attach four 2.5 inch wide ribbon strips about 2 feet long to the bottom hanger section. Create a sign out of card stock or fabric to cover the top of the hanger section.  Pin your swaps to the ribbons.

Bandana SWAP Hanger DisplayBANDANA HANGER – Take the SWAP loaded bandana and simply tie to a hanger and hang on a doorknob.  Keep adding bandanas to the same hanger until it is full!

Other ideas include using BULLETIN BOARDS and FOAM WREATHS.  

Look for other ideas on the SWAPs for Scouts Pinterest board,“SWAPs Display Ideas for girl scouts and boy scouts”. 

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