About Us

I have been an active Girl Scout leader since 1999.  I have led troops in the United States in both Wisconsin and Texas.  I have worked with Daisy scouts all the way up to Ambassador scouts.

It has been my pleasure to be part of such an amazing organization and to be associated with the many wonderful women and girls I have had the luck to scout with over the many years.  My daughters have enjoyed the scouting journey with me.  They were even able to make SWAP friends by travelling abroad through Girl Scout Destination programs.

As part of this Girl Scout journey, we have fallen in love with the way friendships have been made by sharing a simple SWAP trinket with each other.  We also enjoy coming up with new SWAPs!

We have SWAPped with several leaders and girls over the years at local scouting camps and service unit events, as well as, national events such as Rock the Mall in 2012.

Most of our personal SWAP collection is what you will see on this website.  I hope to collect many more from others that view this site!  Please consider SWAPping with us!

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